The Sheep as a Spirit Animal

The presence of the sheep as your spirit animal provides you with ways to connect with the vulnerability and innocence within you.

In the spirit animal kingdom, when you come across a sheep, it normally represents the child-like and innocent element of yourself.

THE sheep spirit animal can also be a symbol of one’s desire or tendency to conform to social norms.


The sheep symbolism as a spirit animal typically means:

  • There is a part of you with a tendency to conform to family values or social norms
  • You are capable of respecting your own limits and accepting yourself; positive vulnerability
  • You can exhibit vulnerability which can transform into powerlessness or weakness; negative vulnerability
  • You have childlike qualities that are characterized by gentleness and innocence; an innocent element of yourself

The sheep as your spirit animal can be a symbol of the vulnerable aspect of yourself associated with either negative or positive meanings based on the general feeling at the time you encounter your spirit animal.

Expression of Innocence

The sheep as your spirit animal has a very strong connection to innocence. The presence of this spirit animal in your life can indicate a desire to have more child-like and innocent qualities in your life.

It can also summon memories of events or situations where you felt innocent or when your life showed qualities of gentleness and encourage you to introduce more such qualities in your current life.


The occurrence of your spirit animal in your life as a sheep can indicate that you are experiencing feelings of vulnerability in your real life.

If the tone of the situation is ruled by fear or despair, particularly in a dream, then the presence of a sheep can suggest that you feel overwhelmed by powerlessness or vulnerability against a difficult situation.

the positive aspect of the presence of the sheep can shine a light on the true meaning of vulnerability.

In this case, the presence of the sheep can show that you are channeling your softer self, positively vulnerable or open to feeling in an innocent and gentle manner.

The Desire to Conform

The appearance of the sheep in your life can be a symbol of your desire to conform or belong to a specific environment or group.

With the sheep as your spirit animal, this can also be an expression of some aspect of you desiring to be like others in order to fit in better, belong to and be part of the crowd.

Alternatively, having a sheep as a spirit animal can also represent an aspect of you that does not want to follow the same doctrines or path as other people.

it can be comforting to be part of a crowd initially, but you may end up feeling dissatisfied about being lost in the crowd. You may also have limited choices because of being lost in the crowd.

Healing Potential

The sheep represents one’s tolerance for themselves and the ability to look at the emotional suffering they are experiencing with compassion.

This gives you the ability to take care of yourself as opposed to blaming others or yourself for how bad you feel.

This spirit animal calls you to work towards self-acceptance of your weaknesses or limits and others’.

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