Means You Are Going Through Serious Life’s Transformations 

In your quest to know your spirit animal, and a cat comes across your life, it means that there is something to do with communication and your talent to relate with those around you or with the spirit.

A cat totem is a slinky creature related with its secrets and mysteries. It tells us something about timing in action and audacity to discover the unknown.

Whenever a cat totem comes across your life, know that someone or something is trying to communicate something sensual to you. So be careful not to ignore your intuitions.transformations with grace and precision.

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What A Cat Symbolises

A cat is a strongly symbolic domestic feline, with life’s balance being a key meaning. There’s a lot you can learn from a cat totem when it comes to balance between apparently opposite, like dark and light, action and rest.

The cat represents patience, courage, spirit of adventure, freedom, a deep and relaxed connection between self and healing from inside out. A cat is part of our ordinary life and it’s a very inspiring totem animal for many.

More Traits Of A Cat Spirit Animal

If you wish to discover whether a cat as your spirit animal, here is an overview of the cat spirit animal.
Secret, sensuality, curiosity, freedom, mystery, independence, guardianship, magic and freedom are some of the key traits of a cat totem. Do you have all these? Those people with the cat totem are encouraged to work out their lives and develop a balance between freedom and time of closeness with those around you.

A Cat Totem And Lifestyle

A cat is a magical symbol of lifestyle that combines freedom and social life. A cat’s spirit inspires us to find a healthy balance between the dire need for our personal need for freedom and time for self and social life. Respond to this great call to bring more balance in life. As much as you need time for self, avail yourself to your family and friends, they need your company more than you knew – but enjoy time with self as well.

What Are The Attributes Of The Cat Spirit Animal?

Flexibility and agility are key characteristics of a cat. No matter the heights it falls from, amazingly a cat will manage to get back on its feet. This encourages you to become flexible no matter the circumstances around you. This touches your physical, emotional or spiritual aspects of life.

You Dreamt About A Cat?

If you are looking for an interpretation to your dream – dream about cats, the cat in your dream symbolises your feminise essence and sensuality. It could also be communicating something you need to tap about your mischievous and mysterious nature. If it was a black cat in your dream, it tells you to be keen about your intuition.