Is Rabbit Your Spirit Animal?

In life, there is always a spirit animal to offer you guidance, support, and protection in every stage or state you are in.

Do you have a special interest in rabbits? Or you have a special liking in rabbits? Have you dreamt about rabbits? Be sensitive, a rabbit could be your spirit animal.

How can you know the meaning of a rabbit in your life? Find out in this article.

Rabbit Spirit Guide

If you have seen a rabbit hop in your life, pause! It’s time to look before you leap. It can also be a reflection of your life as a problem solver.

A rabbit is a magical power animal to offer you guidance when you need to switch different directions fast.

Decision making is an important aspect of our lives. We need help to make the right decisions. At times people may want to take advantage of you.

Seek help from your rabbit spirit guide. But, you must first stop, look and listen.

Rabbit Totem Symbol

Rabbits are naturally small and gently, with little defense. To them, anyone or anything is a possible threat but that doesn’t mean that they manage to relax and eat glass or even enjoy their sleep.

If you identify with a rabbit, you may possess similar attributes of fear and timid response.

Yes, you may suffer from anxiety and shyness in social situations but your rabbit power animal has a message for you.

It’s there to teach you that you need to overcome the fear that is so irritating and still protect yourself from harm.

The rabbit totem symbolizes many things in your life due to its diverse nature. It’s a symbol of fertility, wealth, cleverness, fear or freedom.

Anytime a rabbit comes across your life, it is important you keenly look at how the rabbit appeared.

Rabbit As A Symbol Of Fertility

A rabbit is one of the most fertile animals. It produces many offsprings during its adult years.

If the rabbit totem comes across your life at a time you are wondering whether it is the right time to bear children, it is there to tell you that you are ready

Rabbit – A SymboXl Of Cleverness

A rabbit is very sensitive when it comes to protecting itself from danger. It relies mainly on its observation skills and wits as it remains still.

Clever and creative people identify themselves with the rabbit power animal. They have special skills to solve problems that others can’t.

So a rabbit may come into your life to tell you that you need to think outside the box.

Rabbit – A Symbol Of Wealth

Rabbits store insufficient food in their burrows to ensure that they have enough for the winter.

Rabbits manage to stay healthy and jovial even when winter covers the earth. They teach us to work harder and save for the hard times ahead.

Rabbit In Your Dream?

If you dreamt about rabbits and you don’t know what it means, just know that dreams symbolize both positive and negative meanings.  

It is a sign of luck, abundance or simply tells you to wait for the good things that are multiplying for you.



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