Looking at the Various Meanings of the Snake as Your Spirit Animal

The snake spirit animal has a powerful connection to primal energy and life force. In most cultures, it is regarded as a powerful symbol that represents the source of life.

The appearance of the snake spirit animal in your life possibly means that increased energy, important transitions, change, and healing opportunities are showing themselves.

If the snake is your spirit animal, then this means:

  • Spiritual guidance
  • Primal energy and life force
  • Life changes and transformation
  • Healing

With the snake as your spirit animal, it can offer you guidance concerning life transitions and changes whether they are happening at the spiritual, emotional, or physical level.


The snake represents a life force as it is quite close to earth’s energies. As a reptile, the snake reminds us of primal instincts and unconscious drives.

When it appears, you need to be wary of where you are drawing your energy and how you utilize your energy.

If the snake is your spirit animal, then you need to show the sensitivity to your healing abilities towards other and yourself. Snakes have always been symbols of opportunities and healing powers.

Spiritual Guidance

The snake can also be a symbol of spiritual guidance and the presence of it in your life usually means you are in a transition period.

It also points to ways in which you can encourage personal growth for yourself. it can appear as your spirit animal when you are venturing into unknown territory and are looking for support in order to move forward.

Snakes are normally close to the ground and thus they remind you to stay grounded even when moving through life changes.

Appearance in Dreams

The appearance of a snake in your dreams is usually in ways in which it plays the role of an animal spirit guide encouraging you to look at any crucial dynamics or facts that are affecting your life.

The featuring of snakes in dreams normally leaves a strong impression on people and such dreams have a tendency to be disturbing or frightening because they are calling on unconscious strong energy.

the presence of a snake in your dream can leave a negative or positive impression so regardless its presence should be seen as an invitation to look at life transformations or positive changes

The Negative Aspect of Snakes in Your Dreams

If a snake spirit animal appears in your dream and it leaves a negative impression on you, ensure you look at the positive meanings of the dream as well.

Usually, snakes appear in dreams to warn you about personal struggles or remind you to pay attention to an event or things in your life that are evading your range of awareness.

If, for example, you dream of being attacked or bitten by a snake, this could mean you need to be careful about anything important you have been ignoring.

If a snake is chasing you in your dreams, this could represent a difficult relationship or situation that you have been avoiding and is stressing you.

Generally, dreams featuring snakes are an invitation for you to check on anything ‘poisonous’ in your life or important matters before they become more difficult or create more damage.