Dog Spirit Animal

Dogs are domesticated canines that come in different breeds. Each breed has its unique qualities. Dogs are in the same family with wolves and coyotes.

Study them too, and get their meanings. If a dog has come across your life, whether in a dream, a special interest in dogs or you possess similar characteristics, make a point to study about that unique breed.

This spirit animal must be communicating something to you.

Find Out What Your Dog Totem Has To Share

A dog spirit animal is a symbol of love, faithfulness, and protection. When you look at dogs in real life, you can tell that they are loyal and protective to their owners without conditions.

Are you steady, caring and loving? You must have been attracted to the dog totem. These qualities help you to become a great teacher or a social worker among other professions.

What Does A Dog Totem Symbolise

A dog spirit animal has many meanings and the meanings may vary depending on the dog’s breed.

A dog is a wonderful symbol of unconditional love, loyalty, protection, playfulness, determination, trustworthy and dependability.

Dogs are very loyal to anyone who is part of their family. They stand by you to protect you and your property even in the middle of the night to the breaking of the dawn when they are overly exposed to danger without giving up.

Thumb Up! You Are A True Friend

So, if a dog is your power animal, it means that you are loyal and a true friend. A dog totem can also appear to people living in loneliness, rejection or betrayal as a great reminder that loyalty still exists in the universe.

A dog can give you the best companion with no complaint. You can hardly deceive a dog. A dog totem can, therefore, appear in your life whenever you are surrounded with unfair people who want to escape their responsibilities.

If you are that person who can accurately judge your capabilities and you are true to your words, then you identify with the dog animal spirit.

It Means You Are A Protector

if you are a caring person who always protect those around you, a certain breed of livestock guardian dogs is your totem. From days immemorial, dogs are mainly kept for protection.

There are many types of dog breeds, find out which you identify with to know your totem, then you can know what your spirit animal wants to communicate to you. It could be a sign that you are vulnerable and you are in need of protection.

Dogs Symbolize Unconditional Love

A dog will always show you, unconditional love, no matter how many times you put it down.

People who love dogs show that in life they have experienced love same as to that dogs gives their family. Therefore if you have a dog totem, it means that you are that one person who has a big heart and you can love unconditionally.

Dreamt About Dogs

If you got a dream about dogs, the meaning can be interpreted in different ways depending on the situation the dog appeared in your dream.

If you dreamt about a big protector dog, then it means that you are not alone, you have someone to protect you.