Means You Are Going Through Serious Life’s Transformations 

Whenever a butterfly comes across your life, watch out on the areas of your life or personality that need change or transformation. Be sensitive.
There is a serious message your power animal wants to pass to you. For instance, to be thoughtful about your individual phases of expansion and growth.
A butterfly spirit animal also carries a message about your ability to go through significant transformations with grace and precision.

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What A Butterfly Symbolises

A butterfly totem acts as a physical, emotional and spiritual guide in life. Did you know the meaning of a butterfly?

A butterfly is a key symbol of change and transformation. It’s a symbol of powerful transformation about your personality. It also symbolises renewal or rebirth.

A butterfly comes across your life whenever you are going through different life cycles. Be watchful!

A butterfly is a symbol of the psyche, playfulness, lightness of being and promotion from earthly matters – which changes to emotional or spiritual. There are many inspiring quotes about butterflies.

Are You Expecting Important Changes In Your Life?

Life is about transformation. We are never the same every day. Change takes place even without our consciousness. Change is inevitable. How can you know that you are expecting an important change in life? Your butterfly spirit guide is there to guide you until you are through with that process. It helps you understand why things are the way they are so that you can relax and be sober to allow change take its course.

A Butterfly Totem Is A Symbol Of Joy And Lightness

If you find yourself in a conflicting situation and you don’t know the view at which you need to view things, then a butterfly comes across your life as a totem animal, it’s simply sending a message to you that you need to take things lightly and view issues from different dimensions.
Once you connect with your butterfly totem, joy and bliss fills your life. It reflects your aliveness and brightness. So if you are living a dull life, your butterfly spirit guide is telling you that you can enter into a joyful phase in life and enjoy the brightness it brings.

You Are Not Alone

When you are going through transition in life and you feel you need support, a butterfly is a powerful totem animal to call. It could be work, it could be relationships or your inner work. You should not go through life’s phases alone – you need help.

Add Colours In Your Life

A butterfly totem animal is a wonderful inspiration. It will add more colours in your life. If you have a butterfly as your totem animal, it means that you are inclined to reflect yourself openly to reflect your colours to the universe.